Plano Fire Department apparatus Rosenbauer America Commander rescue pumper Engine 5 Larry Shapiro photographer

Plano, TX

Topeka KS Fire Department Engine 7 Rosenbauer Commander fire engine Larry Shapiro photographer

Topeka, KS

Mission Township FD Topeka KS fire apparatus Rosenbauer America Commander RP3 rescue pumper Larry Shapiro photographer

Mission Township FD, Topeka, KS

Junction City Fire Separtmetn apparatus Kansas Rosenbauer America Commander Larry Shapiro photography

Junction City, KS

Metro North FPD St Louis MO fire apparatus Rosenbauer America Commander rescue pumper Larry Shapiro photography

Metro North FPD, MO

Warrenton FPD MO Fire apparatus fire truck Rosenbauer America Commander rescue pumper larry shapiro photographer

Warrenton FPD, MO

Tifton GA Fire Department apparatus E-ONE Water Master tenders Richardson TX fire apparatus E-ONE Quest fire engine Larry Shapiro photographer

Richardson, TX & Tifton, GA

Parker Engine & Hose Company Middlesex NJ Fire Department E-ONE HP100 tower ladder apparatus National Park Fire Department Engine 812 Larry Shapiro photography

Middlesex and National Park, NJ

Albuquerque New Mexico Fire Department Seagrave Marauder II fire engine apparatus Agua Sana Fire Departmetn Larry Shapiro Photographer

Agua Sana and Albuquerque, NM

Sharoonville Fire Department Quint 88 Spartan Gladiator Classic Smeal fire truck photos greater Cincinnatti area fire trucks Mason Fire Department Sharonville Fire Department Deerfield Township FD apparatus Larry Shapiro Photography

Greater Cincinnatti area

Kamloops Fire Resceu apparatus larry Shapiro photographer E-ONE Cyclone Metro 100 aerial aldder

Kamloops, BC

montgomery AL fire department fire apparatus E-ONE Quest aerial ladder Larry Shapiro photography

Montgomery, AL

Hillsborought County Fire Rescue Quint 9 E-ONE Typhoon TeleBoom Larry Shapiro photographer fire apparatus

Hillsborough County, FL

PIE St Petersburg Clearwater International Airport Fire Rescue Department apparatus crash trucks E-ONE Titan ARFF Larry Shapiro photographer

St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport

Tampa Fire Department apparatus Truck 14 Pierce Quantum midmount tower ladder Larry Shapiro photography

Tampa, FL

Olcott NY Fire Department apparatus E-ONE Typhoon heavy rescue Larry Shapiro photography

Olcott, NY

Tramway FD 1954 Ford Oren fire engine Larry Shapiro Photography E-ONE e-MAX

Tramway, NC

Maryville Fire Department IL fire apparatus fire truck pictures Larry Shapiro photographer

Maryville, IL

Evergreen Park Fire Department Truck 44 2014 E-ONE aerial ladder Larry SHapiro photographer

Evergreen Park, IL

Burbank Fire Department rescue squad Spartan Metro Star General Safety Larry Shapiro photography

Burbank, IL

Bridgeview FIre Department Engine 416 E-ONE Typhoon fire department apparatus Larry Shapiro photography

Bridgeview, IL

Hanover Park Fire Department apparatus Larry Shapiro Photographer

Hanover Park, IL

Streamwood Fire Department apparatus photos 2014 Seagrave Marauder II fire eingine Larry Shapiro photography

Streamwood, IL

Schaumburg Fire Department Truck 52 apparatus Pierce Velocity 100' aluminum aerial ladder Larry Shapiro photography

Schaumburg, IL

Pierce Dash CF PUC tower ladder Arlington Heights Fire Department apparatus fire trucks Larry Shapiro photographer

Arlington Heights, IL

Lyons Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT fire engine apparatus larry Shapiro photographer

Lyons, IL

Forest View Fire Department apparatus Larry Shapiro photographer

Forest View, IL

La Grange Park Fire Department apparatus Engine 1211 HME Smeal Larry Shapiro photographer

LaGrange Park, IL

Bedford Park Fire Department Truck 709 Pierce Dash tower ladder larry shapiro photographer

Bedford Park, IL

Roberts park FPD fire apparatus Engine 32 Spartan Crimson Larry Shapiro photographer

Roberts Park FPD, IL

South Holland Fire Department fire apparatus Pierce Velocity PUC tower ladder Larry Shapiro photographer

South Holland, IL

Brookfield Fire Department apparatus fire trucks Larry Shapiro photographer

Brookfield, IL

Hinsdale Fire Department appartaus Larry Shapiri photography

Hinsdale, IL

Detroit FD Fire Engine 41 Pierce Enforcer Larry Shapiro photography

Detroit, MI

Cicero Fire Department Engine 3 Pierce Dash CF PUC Larry Shapiro photography

Cicero, IL

Des Plaines Fire Department Tower Ladder 63 formerly Lake Zurich Truck 1 Larry Shapiro photography

Des Plaines Station 63

Palatime Fire Department new Tower Ladder 85 Spartan ERV tower ladder Larry Shapiro photography

Random suburban Chicago units

Wilmette Fire Department Engine 27 E-OPNE E-Max fire engine Larry Shapiro photography


Boston Fire Department Engine 5 KME Severe Service Predator Larry Shapiro photography

Boston Fire

Boston EMS MAB Medical Ambulance Bus Sartin Services Larry Shapiro Photography

Boston EMS

Cambridge MA Fire Department fire trucks apparatus Larry Shapiro Photography

Cambridge, MA

Pendleton IN Fire Department Seagrave Marader II heavy rescue unit fire apparatus photos Larry Shapiro photography

Pendleton, IN

Northfield Fire Rescue Department Squad 29 2013 E-ONE E-Max pumper 1500-

Northfield, IL

York Township FD Rescue 19 Larry SHapiro photography KME heavy resue squad

York Township, PA

Elgin Fire Department apparatus Engine 6 Seagrave Marauder fire engine Larry SHapiro photography

Elgin, IL

Prospect Heights Fire District Squad 9 apparatus Larry Shapiro photography

Prospect Heights, IL

Seagrave Apollo II platform aerial Bridgeton NJ Fire Department Larry Shapiro photography

Bridgeton, NJ


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