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multi vehicle accident with a truck in Wheeling on Palatine Road 3-28-13

Wheeling, IL MVA 3-28-13

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fiery crash on the Edens Expressway 4-21-13 in Northfield Larry Shapiro photos

Northfield (IL) fiery truck crash 4-21-13

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hazardous materials incident in Lincolnshire at 10 Marriot Drive the lincolnshire Marriott hotel 4-23-13 Larry Shapiro

Lincolnshire, IL haz mat 4-23-13

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Beechcraft air plane crash lands in Wheeling IL 6-25-13 Larry Shapiro photos

Wheeling (IL) plane crash 6-25-13

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residents evacuated from homes after flooding in Buffalo Grove 6-26-13 Larry Shapiro photography

Buffalo Grove (IL) flooding 6-26-13

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Long Grove firefighters rescue unconscious workers from sewer 7-11-13 Larry Shapiro photography

Long Grove, IL 7-11-13

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Arlington Heights man drowns in submerged SUV 1500 block of Courtland Drive 7-25-13

Arlington Heights, IL 7-25-13

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Prospect Heights Fire District water search fro drowning victim 8-22-13 at 850 E. Old Willow Road Larry SHapiro photography

Prospect Heights, IL 8-22-13

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truck rollover Long Grove FPD 9-9-13 entrapment extrication Larry SHapiro photography

Long Grove, IL 9-9-13

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Glenview Fire Department 10-15-13 3 dead after car and garbage truck crash Larry Shapiro photography

Glenview, IL 10-15-13

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2 hurt in rollover accident at Schoenbeck and Willow Roads in Prosect Heights 11-7-13 Larry Shapiro photography

Prospect Heights, IL 11-7-13 


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